We’ve often heard this, haven’t we? Money makes money. This is a very popular saying in the business and entrepreneur world.

Every other person these days, especially in the year 2020, have opened their own businesses. Around the world, there are thousands of new businesses blooming and that too, by working from home.

But here’s my question.

If this saying is true in all its senses, then why do 80% of millionaires or billionaires, first generation millennials?

This is a very wrong notion that has been fed to us, middle-class people, since age immemorial. If you want to stick to this idea, you definitely can. But always think big.

You can achieve anything even you don’t have money. All you needed to do was work really hard and have the dedication to make all your dreams come true.

Even people with money inherently, have worked hard at some point of time to reach where they are right now. So, stop thinking and start working. Showcase your talent through your artistry and creativity. Make a mark for yourself.

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