If you are in college and attending a part-time job, let me make one thing very clear. This will get you absolutely nowhere. And truly ask yourself, is your part-time job spoiling your career?

Maybe you’re doing this job for a little extra allowance. But, that is not making you concentrate on your actual career. You’re lacking in your curriculum and you will realize soon enough that you are left behind. You find yourself not being able to concentrate on one niche anymore and it might be because your part-time job is ruining your course.

Be committed to that one thing you want the most out of life. If you are doing a part-time job, make sure it is for a short amount of time. If it is extending, then it is of no use to keep doing that anymore. Ultimately, the part-time job is spoiling your career.

Focus on your niche. Keep your eyes on that gold medal.

Be devoted to your career and enhance your skillset.

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