If have have FAILED, If you are ADDICTED, If you have PROBLEMS and If you are DEPRESSED

Then you are GIFTED

Then you are the one chosen by GOD

Then you are the one chosen by the Almighty

To be GREAT, to be successful and to be win everything. You just need to change your ATTITUDE. You just need to start thinking POSitive.

You just need to stop seeing yourself from the eyes of the SOCIETY AND the World. Start seeing yourself from your eyes, in the mirror and find the Potential you have in you.

You FAILED because you tried

> Because you didn’t give up, those who never tried never failed.

You got ADDICTED because you have the will power to stay on one thing for long.

> Because you have the perseverange and the patience to be successful. Those who are not addicted don’t have the patience, are not consistent.

You have PROBLEMs because you are looking for SOLUTIONS

> Because you have been looking for solutions, you have problems. Those who have surrendered to live never have PROBLEMS. Those who have accepted the life as it is they never have problems.

You are DEPRESSED because you are willing to SUCCEED

> Because you are born to SUCCEEd. People who have given up to success never get depressed. People who have given up to depression never get depressed.

So if you are DEPRESSED and you have PROBLEMS and you have FAILED and you are ADDICTED too, then you are gifted and chosen by the GOD himself to conquer this earth and change how people look at you.

A small change can change you and can change the world.