Being a Chartered Accountant made me learn how to learn. The most important thing about life.

Doesn’t really matter if I like a subject or not, I had to pass all to be a CA. Life is no different.

You are truly successful only if you pass in all the subjects be it as an employer, employee, father, mother, child, spouse, investor whatever be it.

And that’s what I am grateful for. I entered into doing CA as a failure but when I came out of it, I was a winner and nothing could stop me.

No matter how big the failures are, I always say myself I a dumb student like you can do CA, you can do anything. You remember the focus and hardwork you gave to it. Pad up again, get ready and get going.

Nothing can ever stop you.

That’s what I am, that’s how I am and that’s how I will ever be. A package of many failures but also a few successes. If you have the courage to keep moving after your failures, success is already there. You just need to find it out.

Take risk, fail and you win. Thats what winning is all about. You jump to win but you fall. If you fall backward you step up again, if you fall forward you step up again. So be ready to step up, be ready to fail and be ready to win.

Always always think outside the box, dream big and have big goals. You will fail, you will always suck at something, but you will also become good with something. It could be by finding the best way to fail.

Good luck and Don’t Quit